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reFresh Series

All-in-one units to introduce fresh air from the outside into the residence. The reFresh series is specifically engineered to meet building and energy codes that call for ASHRAE 62.2 CFM requirements. These units feature a high quality, efficient S&P backward inclined motorized impeller, heavy-duty galvanized construction, and integral metal duct collars designed for 6" round duct. The reFresh is designed for easy installation and maintenance, giving the homeowner the best IAQ solution in an all-in-one unit.

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New MD6-ES24VK Product Kit

Our new Outside Air Kit combines the MD6 (our 6" motorized damper) with the ES24V (the temperature and humidity monitoring control). The control can command the central HVAC blower to help distribute fresh air through the existing duct work if necessary. It can be programmed to allow outside air to enter intermittently when the temperature is inside of your set temperature and humidity parameters. This prevents hot, humid, or freezing air from flooding your house all at once, while still meeting code.

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Product Videos

reFresh Series Product Overview
Envirosense Ventilation Control
Part 1: Product Overview
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Part 2: Wiring Your ES24V
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